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When we think about wedding ceremonies, we know there is a bit with rings and vows, a best man or 2, then you walk up and down the aisle
…but then what?
How do you know what to put in, and where?
How do you structure the thing? It has to flow and make sense, and it also needs to have a narrative arc so that it hits all the right emotional notes too… and of course it needs to feel ceremonial.
How do we work together?
It’s as easy 1, 2, 3.

Step 1:

Share your ideas

Choosing a celebrant to write / perform your ceremony means that you get an absolute say in the content of your ceremony. You can have anything you want.


Step 2:

Discover what’s possible

I’ve worked with many great couples on a diverse range of ceremonies, and have a wealth of experience turning each family’s unique ideas into warm and entertaining family events.


Step 3:

We Create a Unique Ceremony

No two ceremonies are ever the same. We will work together at every stage to make sure that the ceremony that is performed on the day is the one you always hoped you would have



Write my Ceremony!

First, we all meet up, either in person or on the phone and talk about what you are looking for. Then I will write the ceremony based on your feedback for another person to perform.

Tom and Tinks


I’m after a London Celebrant

I will meet up with you to find out more about you, then I will recommend one of my highly trusted London based celebrant colleagues to perform your wedding ceremony, which I will write based on your preferences.



Script Consultation

If you are looking to write your own ceremony, but just need some pointers or guidance we can arrange a skype call or meet up and I will look over your draft script.

Make an Enquiry / Say Hello